Gucci Hysteria Clutch for you

There may be many criteria to define fashion, and I believe that originality is the most important factor. Then, how could one love the Gucci Clutches 09 again and can it fashion? I just can not figure out. As far as I know, Gucci released a similar clutch last season under the same name. Believe it or not, the product descriptions are resemble to each other: “Hysteria” clutch with zip-top closure, metal Gucci crest detail, side ties, inside pocket, sized at 15.5"L x 2.4"W x 8.7"H, black leather with gold hardware. Of course, there are differences: the product ID number is not the same, and the price is $145 higher.

You may wonder what the reason behind the increase in price. The secret lies in the off-white and bronze leather embroidery on the so-called new bag. Sorry, Gucci, I can not see the art in the embroidery. Is it flowers like that of the dandelion or the peacock feather? I just can not appreciate its beauty. Actually, there is an old proverb in Chinese: even the dog won’t eat the leftover. The saying is to satirize these who lack innovation and tend to repeat the past. Is not it exactly what Gucci does?

Frankly speaking, I am not a cynic. If there is anything I like on the bag, it should be the metal Gucci crest detail. The shield-shape crest stud adds glamour and mystery to the clutch. The debut of the crest design was in the early 1950, depicting a armored knight, carrying two luggage, is saluting to legendary achievement of the Gucci family, the royal saddler during the Renaissance. The rose and steering wheel stand for the authority of the fine craft and family enterprise. As the previous logo of Gucci, it could be found in the bag or on the package. Today, the crest is added to the modern design assuming metal decoration identity, which not only brings strong visual effect, but also implies the long history and bright future of Gucci.

Glorious as the crest may be, the release of the Hysteria clutch in 2009 probably won’t be very popular. In the downturn economy, GUCCI should be more sensitive and wise to its price. Hopefully they can get their cost back.
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