Womens Wallets Personality Test

Do you know that you can tell a lot about a woman just by the contents of her purse? Well, if that's the case, then a woman's wallet can possibly reveal a woman's soul. Seriously, the contents of your wallet can reveal your financial status, your spending habits, your relationship status, places you eat, where you shop and the list goes on. But besides the actual things that are inside a person's wallet, you can also assume what a woman's personality is like just by the wallet alone. Don't believe me? Here are a few types of women's wallets that can define a person's personality.

The Coin Purse

Coin purses are great when you need something little to carry around the mass collection of coins you've accumulated over time. But if you use a coin purse as your wallet, it might mean that you are one of those women that just hates lugging around large amounts of stuff when going out. You probably prefer getting out the door with as little as you possibly can. Also you might be one of those women that doesn't mind a little disorganization, you can live with jamming everything inside your coin purse. Overall, I would say a woman that carries a coin purse is a gal that is no fuss, no frills woman.

My Recommendation: Fossil has a great collection of cute and fun coin purses that are petite and fun to carry around.

The Organizer Wallet

From one extreme to another. If you are a woman that loves a wallet that can also function as an organizational tool, then the organizer wallet is just for you. Usually these types of wallets have an envelope, one-fold shape to it. And since it is a organizer wallet, it should have a ton of compartments and pouches to hold whatever credit card, cash, coin and picture you have. So if you are a woman that has one of these wallets, what does that say about you? Most likely it means that you love to be organized, and having a wallet that can satisfy your need to be organized is vital for your everyday life. It can also mean that you are a busy individual that needs to carry a variety of things for every event that might occur from day to day. Either way, a woman with a organizer wallet is one that is sensible and knows how to organize her life.

My Recommendation: If you want a fabulous organizer wallet that will hold everything but still looks stylish, then try Hobo International's wide variety of wallets and wallet clutches.

The Printed Wallet

Up till know I've only mentioned wallets based on type, but the design of a wallet can also say a lot about a person. For instance a woman's wallet that have a fun and whimsical design to it can also reflect one's vibrant personality. Whether it is printed with flowers or animal print, wallets with printed designs are never boring, and most likely the one who is carrying it isn't boring either. You personally might be someone that doesn't really care about trends, but knows what you like and chooses to follow your own path. Essentially you are the ultimate individualist.

My Recommendation: When it comes to whimsical and fun wallet designs, Vera Bradley has a great selection of beautiful printed wallets as well as handbags.

Our wallets, just like our handbags, can say a lot about our personalities. What we like, what we don't, what kind of style we have, and so on. As you can see a women's wallet may not define a woman, but it can indicate our behaviors and human nature.
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