The prefect shoes of Mens Vans Era

In 1975 two champion sidewalk surfers approached Vans to design the #95 skateboarding shoe, which is popularly known as the Mens Vans Era . Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta designed the skateboarding shoe specific to sidewalk surfers. Fashioned with the harsh realities of concrete surfing in mind, the Vans Era is fabricated in suede or leather uppers with triple stitching. For needed extreme stability the soles are made flat with rubber to accommodate the roughened Grip Tape that is applied to skateboard surfaces for traction. Attention to form and function is what skaters have come to trust in the Vans shoe brand.

In 2002 there were 18.5 million skateboarders in the world. With the help of professional and champion skateboarders, the Vans Era became an extremely popular shoe on the street and on the skateboard. The Vans team realized that the Vans Era skateboarding shoe would have to meet the punishing rigors of the Asphalt surfer. Not only would the skateboarder need a shoe that could match his requirements for fast movement and pin point gyrations over curbs and asphalt. They understood that the street surfers' board is his means of transportation to a job, an art form, and/or entertainment. And of course for competing in skateboarding parks where concrete mimics the water surf. So they designed the Vans Era shoe to meet and exceed all of these parameters.

Built in the style of the classic lace-up, the shoe is lined with cotton drill in its interiors. The shoe sports a double stitch vamp and a die - cut EVA sole insert for comfort and fashion. It's a lace up skate shoe that sports a traditional gum rubber out-sole. This is attached to the renowned Vulcanized waffle tread and leather paneled heel. Adorned with square leather laces and brass eyelets Vans Era was designed especially for use in skateboarding.

All lines of Vans shoes are constantly being integrated with the newest technology, to provide its wearer the highest level of performance as well as being fashion forward. Vans Era shoe is the premier "Off the Wall" Vulcanized shoe. A shoe meant for skateboarding, will feel at home on the decks of yachts and in the saddle of a road bike. This skateboard shoe gets noticed. Clearly this shoe is one that any skateboarder should consider. But while we can't endorse this specific brand - we do want to assist our customers in making informed decisions.
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