Unisex sunglasses – The new trend for summer 2013

The new buzz word in the fashion industry today is “unisex”. No, it does not mean being “uniform” or “androgynous”. It is just a statement of fashion that is applicable to both women as well as men at the same time. A guy wearing a unisex accessory does not necessarily mean that he is compromising on his macho image, being metro sexual is no harm and not something to be embarrassed about. When it comes to sunglasses as an accessory, many of the eyeglasses manufacturers have released new ranges of sunglasses that are unisex in nature.

The summer of 2013 is welcomed with a host of unisex sunglasses that have bright colors and unique styles. Since there is a whole range of sunglasses for men and women separately, the unisex collection acts as a bridge between the two classes. This trend is slowly picking up and turning out to be a huge success. Wearing unisex sunglasses would definitely spice up your style and make you the head turner.

Black is always the classic color when it comes to sunglasses. People who are not very fashion conscious stick to black sunglasses to be on the safer side without much hassles. However, for people who are experimental and wish to play around with colors to suit every outfit of theirs, then the unisex sunglasses are the way to go. Sunglasses manufacturers are producing these unisex sunglasses in every color present in the spectrum. The unisex sunglasses will make you look stunning and guarantee you a second look. It also emits the image of one being open minded who is not insecure of his personality and looks.

As a fashion accessory, the unisex sunglasses are a perfect choice. It is a very successful trend for the summer of 2013 and doesn’t seem like it would fade away anytime soon. Who knows, we might just have another style following the footsteps of the aviator sunglasses, which never go out of style!

So do not delay any further, visit your nearest optician and try out some cool unisex sunglasses now!
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