Is the war over? Johnson & Johnson heiress 'reconciles with ex-boyfriend' following bitter six-year custody battle over adopted son

Johnson & Johnson heiress Libet Johnson has apparently reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, Dr Lionel Bissoon, after an arduous six-year custody battle over their nine-year-old son William, whom they brought to the U.S. from Cambodia in 2003.

The former couple, who have both been fighting for the legal right to be his adopted parents, have finally been granted court approval, according to the New York Post.

While the romantic status of their relationship is not clear, Ms Johnson and Dr Bissoon have apparently ended their embittered fight and are now amicably sharing responsibility for the child.

Libet Johnson and Dr Lionel BissoonReunited? Libet Johnson and Dr Lionel Bissoon (pictured with William in happier times) have finally been granted the right to adopt their Cambodian son, and are now apparently reconciled

The pair tried to legally adopt William together after Ms Johnson - who was in the boy's home country of Cambodia to start a $10 million charity for its orphans - brought him to America as a toddler under a humanitarian visa.

At that time, however, the U.S. had a moratorium on Cambodian adoptions.

To circumvent this law, Ms Johnson's then-boyfriend, weight-loss guru Dr Bissoon, first claimed citizenship in Trinidad and Tobago and then tried to adopt the child in his native country, but both schemes fell through.

Then after the relationship ended in 2005, Ms Johnson sought and won sole adoption of William without informing her former flame, sparking a legal battle.

Ms Johnson initially blocked her ex from seeing William, but in 2007 it was revealed that she had failed to tell the judge that she and Dr Bissoon had previously tried to adopt the child together.

She had also neglected to inform Judge Glen of her recent stint in rehab for alcohol.

The court then rescinded its decision, ruling that Dr Bissoon was, in fact, the child's legal adopted father, and Ms Johnson his primary caregiver.

After a series of back-and-forth appeals, The Post reports that Judge Kristin Booth Glen reached a new decision in July that allows them both legal rights to adopt the child.

A co-parenting deal reached by the pair in 2011 states: 'The parties now wish to put the litigation between them over the past years behind them, to heal the wounds caused by that litigation.'

The parenting agreement also declares that the couple will 'provide to William the security and other benefits that come with having two loving parents, and to parent William jointly from this time forward with a commitment to serving his best interests.'

While it is unclear whether Ms Johnson and Dr Bissoon will resume a romantic relationship, DNAinfo reports that after the latest ruling, Ms Johnson and Dr Bissoon began negotiations 'much like that of two divorced parents... with both sharing, however uncomfortably at times, decision-making authority.'

Judge Glen acknowledges that a co-parenting adoption is in William's best interests.

'Adoption will offer such a child numerous economic benefits, including the significant right of financial support from both of his parents,' her decision states.

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